DASPROPHAUS- the „boutique“ Propshop in Munich

by Christin Skory-Stadler


The original definition of PROP is to support something
That is what props do for a foto or filmset
They “support” and complete the look of the set

After my studies of Fashion Design in Milan at Istituto Marangoni and an apprenticeship
at the fashion company ESCADA
I decided to enter the world of fashion as a freelance fashionstylist

At that time my base was Lugano, Switzerland

Organisation and taking responsibility for people and situations
became more and more a skill .
When my husband founded Luminosa Production
I decided to quit styling and to go completely into production work.

But creativity and passion for design, interior , accessoires etc..
was always with me, and this was also useful for the production work
as Luminosa Production could offer also services as propscouting and propstyling
together with the production service, under one roof

With the decision to move back to Munich , after 22 years in Switzerland,
the idea came up to open a Propshop
and rent out all this wonderful things I had collected over the years

The stock is still small, but is growing daily

Thanks to my connections and network to shops, other rentals
or also private sources
I also offer the service to help finding the right Prop for your project
no matter if it’s a helicopter, a car , a dog or just a chair

Not only in Munich!!